To protect our guests & ourselves the following changes have been made Split Rock Croft Cottage.

A full risk assessment has been undertaken & additional steps in the cleaning and making up of the Cottage between each guest are detailed below.

Glasses, crockery, cutlery, etc. will be dish-washed prior to the arrival of each new guest.

Floors and soft furnishings will have been cleaned, steamed, disinfected and sprayed with anti-viral spray.

Light switches, shelves & furniture etc. will have been cleaned and anti-viralled.

All bedding, towels, cleaning cloths and tea-towels will be laundered at a minimum of 60 degrees.

Duvets will be swapped out on a rotational basis for those that have not been used for a minimum of 7 days.

Books and games have been removed

Leaflets can be found inside A4 clear pockets, which can be easily cleaned. Please do not remove leaflets from the folder. If you need to take the information with you anywhere, please take a photograph.

All unnecessary items (e.g. ornaments/vases) have been removed

Coffee/tea/sugar/milk is no longer provided

Complimentary whisky is no longer provided

Guests are kindly requested to strip beds including top mattress protector & place in black bin liner.

Used towels and bathmats will need to be placed in a black bin liner

Windows should be opened wherever possible on departure to air the Cottage.

I have undertaken training in the new cleaning protocols and have ensured I have a full understanding of how long the virus can remain active on each type of surface.

I trust that the above reassures you that we have done, and will continue to do, everything that we can to ensure your safety whilst at our Cottage. We have provided hand sanitiser and ask that you use as often as is necessary, and at the very minimum when you return to the Cottage from outside of the Croft at any time.

Please advise Helen or Graham as a matter of urgency should you become unwell during your stay.

We wish you a safe and pleasant stay with us here at Split Rock Croft Cottage

Helen and Graham